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On TV: Marie Nasemann becomes a serial star

Marie Nasemann as an actress

Marie Nasemann has a lot to do: The former GNTM nominee is now also the face of a nail design brand and rots at the presentation in Munich, what is currently in her life. So much is revealed: Marie will be back on TV soon!

GNTM: Marie Nasemann
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In the fourth season of "Germany's Next Top Model" Marie Nasemann finished third in 2009. Her career as a model has been running magnificently ever since and beyond the modeling business, the pretty 25-year-old persistently pursues her goals. At the moment, Marie Nasemann is busy at drama school in Munich, to take acting lessons.

And that means a pretty tight schedule. For our interview appointment at the presentation of the Impress Press-on Manicure on June 26, 2014, whose brand face Marie Nasemann is now available, she has (pssst!) Exceptionally tapped lessons once. After all, yes for a good cause. From Monday to Thursday regular lessons take place; In addition, rehearsals were scheduled for the whole weekend, as soon a performance will take place where Marie Nasemann can be admired on stage.

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But not only on stage does Marie Nasemann soon make her big appearance. For the third place of GNTM 2009 will soon be back on TV! Already in August, three shooting days await Marie Nasemann for a new fantasy family series, which will air on ARD in autumn. What exactly is it, the model has not betrayed, but so much to be curious-making already said beforehand: She will play a fairy. So, in this role, we can imagine Marie Nasemann with her graceful model figure, the bright blue eyes and the seductive pout very well ... and are curious!

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