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Prince Carl Philip: Sauna Treatments

He finally got the green light to build his sauna.
Photo: Getty Images

Green light

Happy customer for Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (34). After months of clashes with authorities and environmentalists, the king's son has been granted permission to build a sauna on his estuary on the Baltic Sea in Ökenäs (between Stockholm and Norrköping).

Clearly, the Swedish media immediately speculate that Carl Philip now intends to use his farm Ökenäs, which he inherited from a friend of the Royals, more often than before as a retreat for himself and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist .

That he got a Prince bonus in the approval process, is not detectable, although in Sweden directly on the Baltic Sea beach, almost no construction projects are approved.

In this case, it should only be the expansion of an existing boathouse.

However, the thing still has a clue for the smart prince : he still did not get the go-ahead for the 1.70-meter-high fence that he wanted as a privacy screen around his property.