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Plus-Size Models: Her everyday life is really that tough

Aglae Dreyer: The everyday life of the successful plus-size model is often not easy
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  1. Too thin, not curvy enough: The life of successful plus-size models is no picnic
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  3. Monique Bentley

Too thin, not curvy enough: The life of successful plus-size models is no picnic

For some they are too fat, the other not full enough, plus-size models are often with their body in the criticism or must serve as an example - simply the everyday life is not at least

How beautiful the idea sounds: Working as a model and still be able to eat dessert. Stroll the catwalks of the world and be celebrated for sexy curves. How hard the reality behind the business plus size really is, on the other hand, see the least. The big-size shop Navabi has set itself the task with the campaign "Models with Kurves" to clean up with prejudices and stereotypes and maybe even move a little in the minds of fashion designers. Part of the campaign are the curvy superstars Marte Boneschansker, Alva McKenzie, Aglae Dreyer, Laura Catterall and Monique Bentley. They all love their bodies and their jobs, but they also come up against their limits, as they have revealed in the interview with the "Icon".

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"The real problem is how we are perceived by the fashion industry: one does not trust curvy models in high-fashion jobs. That's why I have little chance of mainstream campaigns or Fashion Weeks jobs, "says Model Aglae Dreyer. In fact, the appearance of a curve model in a normal fashion show still causes a huge wave. The term plus-size also keeps in the head always directly for a categorization in which most of the girls do not even fit. " I would simply wish that every model is simply referred to as a model, " adds Alva McKenzie, which is already being traded as Next Big Thing in the British media.

Monique Bentley

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The cliché that a curvy model can do whatever he wants with his body - a few kilos more make no difference, annoys the Briton Monique Bentley the most. "People would probably be surprised that I still have three today - go to the gym four times a week and love healthy food. I'm probably fitter than some of my friends, who weigh much less than me. "Let's just hope that the great girls will be heard with their important message - we're definitely looking forward to more turns on the catwalks of this world !