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It's this way! Maxi dresses in the summer of 2013

Uncomplicated and casual, that is exactly how to style maxi dresses!
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Mini-effort, maxi-effect!

What small women should pay attention to:

Most flattering for little women are soft, flowing materials. To the long skirt an airy blouse (waist with narrow belt emphasize!) Or a short box jacket, which creates beautiful proportions. Long chains stretch the silhouette, and tailored blazers are a goodie for the figure. Always wear high heels, especially plateaus that stretch and make pretty legs. And rather small than XL bags.

What big women stands for:

On large, slim women look voluminous outfits like a chiffon dress chic. Boyfriend blazer plus long skirt - this is ideal for concealing curves. And the layer look is beneficial to the optical subdivision of body size. What else can you treat yourself? Noble silver or gold jewelery in XL format, pattern and: flat shoes!

Maxi dresses should play a major role in your wardrobe in the summer of 2013 ? In the gallery, there are the 20 most beautiful shopping tips of the season.

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