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Heart attack and strokeWeak handshake: signs of heart attack?

A weak handshake as a sign of a heart attack? The result of a Canadian study should be more reliable than measuring blood pressure.

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The handshake can say a lot about us and our personality. If he is too lax, we are considered weak in assertion. Is he too strong, as dominant. Canadian scientists have now discovered a whole new aspect about the ever popular handshake. Study Director According to Darryl Leong, a weak handshake should be a sign of an early death - triggered by a heart attack or stroke.

Handshake more reliable than blood pressure

For one study, data from 140, 000 patients aged 35 to 70 from 17 countries were recorded. The health of the subjects was examined over a period of 4 years. Important part of the observation: the strength of the handshake.

The result: For every fifth kilogram that the gripping force was lower, the risk of death increased by 16 percent during the investigation period. The risk of a heart attack increased by seven percent, that of a stroke by nine percent. Handshake, according to the study, is a more reliable means of detecting a heart attack or stroke early than measuring blood pressure.

Factors such as increased nicotine or alcohol intake and educational attainment were not included in the study results. " The strength of the grip could be a simple and inexpensive test to determine the risk of death and the risk of cardiovascular disease. " Darryl Leong from the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University in Hamilton.

As the handshake with the early detection of a heart attack is related, the scientists can not yet explain. But it could be a new way to detect large, not yet discovered health problems in time, the experts said.