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Personality Test: Which door are you going through?

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The door to your personality

Imagine, you should go through one of these doors: Which one do you choose spontaneously? Does the blue friendlier or the white seem more interesting to you? That tells a lot about you ...

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So, which door do you choose? Choose between the doors from number 1 to 10.

What the choice of the door says about you, you read here:

1. If you choose door 1, you are an optimist

Other people are very important to you and you want the best for everyone. Luxury is for you the little things like freshly baked bread or nice dishes. Please also others for a favor. Everyone likes to help you.

2. With door 2 you like it straightforward

From the outside your life seems almost perfect. You do not like bells and whistles, you always go your way. But also take time for you and your soul. Leave your familiar paths and experience new things that you will like to remember later.

3. Door 3 says you are creative

Others like to surround themselves with you because you are an interesting personality. You are very creative and love to browse flea markets. You are busy with so many things that you forget to go out and enjoy nature.

4. Door 4 reveals how sensitive you are

You love every kind of art. But with your feelings you are holding behind the mountain, because you think that no one understands you and you do not want to show weakness. Allow yourself to open yourself to others. That feels good.

5. You always have everything under control

Your life works like a clockwork. You love having a lot to do, often doing a thousand things at the same time. Relaxation and hobbies sometimes come too short. Often take time off deliberately - just for you.

6. You want to please others

You look confident and have an eye for details. It's important to you what others think about you, and you're trying to please everyone. But that is not necessary. Relax - and be yourself.

7. You are attached to the past

Family and friends are the most important thing - you really would do anything for them. You are a bit sentimental and hang on old memorabilia. Nice that you like to be there for others, but think of you now and then.

8. Door 8 shows your casual style

Your humorous and fun-loving nature makes you look younger and attracts others magically. You are unconventional, but unfortunately also a little disorganized and chaotic. You can work on that - that makes things easier.

9. You always know a solution

Whether it's listening, painting walls or baking a cake, you can always rely on it. Others appreciate your helpful and reliable way of doing things. Do not forget that you too are something very special. And you deserve it, too, that you treat yourself to something beautiful.

10. You need security

You value stability, quality - and you have a penchant for perfectionism. Being well informed and accurate gives you security. It does not hurt to let go and give room to your creative side.

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