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Break-Free Cycling with Rock - how it works!

Riding Rock with Rock? No problem, thanks to Penny in Your Pants Trick!
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Cycling with skirt or dress - without deep insights

We love our bike and like to wear skirts - but only both can not be combined. Nonsense, because the penny in your pants trick is as simple as it is ingenious - and keeps us from embarrassing exposures while biking.

We are sure: All the luck on earth ... is on the saddle of a bicycle! If only there was not the problem with the wrong clothes.

Why do we love cycling so much? If you ride a bike, you see more, smell more, live more. You breathe more fresh oxygen and rarely need rouge, because apple cheeks are there by the movement for free. You have more fleeting flirting at traffic lights and, unfortunately, more frightening moments when you realize that you have already picked the wrong clothes for this mode of movement - too short skirt, too flighty dress, too many Marilyn Monroe moments on the saddle. So what if all the dresses and skirts are going to be done in the summer and we still want to keep the color of our underpants for ourselves? Put on the penny in your pants trick ! Everything you need for it: a coin and a hair tie ...

To make the skirt "safe" for a bike, hold a coin, preferably the big 2-euro coin, between the legs on the back of the skirt. The hair tie is wrapped from the front - creating a kind of temporary harem pants - works for mini, midi and maxi lengths.

But flared skirts and maxi lengths can hold next to the Huch-high-blowing effect other dangers on the bike ready: Finally, the substance can get caught in the spokes, which messes up not only in many cases the skirt, you lie down really nasty on the Nose. Ouch! To prevent this, a rubber band can also help: gather up the excess material and put it together like a piece of jam. For short distances no problem, at the full-day bike excursion, the ball between the legs but annoying.

And then it's time to enjoy the breeze: Because we, our bike AND our favorite skirt are inseparable from now on.

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