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Cute Video: Baby wakes up to Ed Sheeran and dances

Photo: Screenshot / Will Flannagan

Biggest little fan

This baby is a true Ed Sheeran fan! When the music sounds, the little girl immediately wakes up and dances. The cute video will brighten everyone's day!

The car is the perfect place for a small nap for most babies. So this girl also sleeps happily in her car seat and does not suspect anything of her film main role. Her parents already seem to know the following reaction, the camera is already running before Ed Sheeran starts to sing.

The first notes of the hit "Do not" sound from the speakers. It is expected that a child reacts rather nagging to the loud music, but not so this baby: It actually wakes up and dances ! With the first beat, the little head begins to move rhythmically back and forth.

The baby is wide awake right away! In the child seat, the little one dances away happily and moves exactly in time. EdSheeran puts an end to nagging babies - many parents are grateful for that. The song "Do not" becomes an insider's tip against fatigue, because it's quickly forgotten. Instead, the head bobbing cheerfully up and down.

The cute video brightens every gray autumn day and puts a smile on your face!


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