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Nail Shape: The new trend is Squoval!

Ran to the file! Because now there's a new trend nail shape ... squoval!
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His fingernails are now filed square AND oval

Not only in nail polish, also in terms of nail shape, there are changing trends. And who wants to be hip in 2015 wears nails squoval now. What the trend is for fingernails and how to nail your nails.

The manicurists agree: Squoval is the nail shape of the year. "Square", ie square or flat, meets "oval" when filing. And this is how it looks: slightly rounded edges and a straight filed nail tip. The nail should not be longer than the fingertip. Namely, the nails should look much more natural than simply straight or sturdy oval filed. And with this naturalness this nail design hits the nerve of the time. In 2015, everything can be a bit unaffected. Whether hair, make-up and last so now synonymous the nail shape.

After pointed nails, such as Rihanna or Lana Del Rey wore, it says in the nail salon or on the file so: "Once Squoval, please!". But how do you correct the look, which by the way fits all finger shapes, actually correct? Sure, that there are already the first tutorials on YouTube. For example, US vlogger loodieloodieloodie shows in 1:39 minutes how common fingernails are missing out on the 2015 trend nail form. Voila, the instructions:

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