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Fashion trendsThis scarves will be worn in winter 2016

Brrrr, suddenly it's cold and we're totally surprised. Time to get the fall and winter clothes out of the closet again. So we wear scarves in autumn and winter 2016.

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  1. Still XXL or a little bit thinner?
  2. XXL scarves and ponchos
  3. Plaid scarves
  4. Scarves with pattern
  5. Scarves in delicate pastel tones
  6. Scarves with Animal Print

Nestled in a soft scarf, the cold temperatures make it somehow fun again, right? And because you can wear a scarf in so many wonderful ways, it never gets boring.

Still XXL or a little thinner?

Which scarves do we wear in autumn and winter 2016? What you see as clothing is also a trend in scarves. Prints in all shapes and colors are announced. Velvet is also a big material topic. And XXL is still hip. You can get your blanket scarf from last year safely out of the closet.

XXL scarves and ponchos

Plaid scarves

Scarves with pattern

Scarves in delicate pastel shades

Scarves with animal print

If you feel like knitting a scarf for yourself, here is the perfect guide for you!