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Bold action: Animal rights activist rescues dog on highway

Photo: Canal Canino

Woman puts herself at risk for injured dog

On the edge of a busy highway lies a dog. He seems to be hurt and does not move. But help is on the way.

None of the drivers on the multi-lane highway in the middle of Mexico City seemed to notice the poor dog. The video shows that the animal is obviously injured. At least the poor dog is not moving anymore.

A particularly dedicated animal rights activist would like to help the animal. She crosses the busy highway and puts her own life on the line. The video clearly shows the speed with which the cars drive past her. But she makes it to the other side of the roadway without an incident.

After some unsuccessful attempts at rapprochement, she finally convinces the dog to approach her. Together, the dog and his rescuer cross the street.

Also arrived in a safe car, the animal rights activist does not let go of the animal. The wide-open eyes of the animal still clearly show his fear. But thanks to his courageous rescuer, the dog can now leave this behind.