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Fashion blogger as closer in Cambodia

Anniken writes one of the most successful fashion blogs in Norway. In Cambodia, she is confronted with the harsh reality behind the scenes of the fashion industry.

"Sweatshop" documentary confronts 3 fashion fans with reality

You have read a lot about it, but how are the circumstances really in a fashion factory really? To find out, a Scandinavian daily sent three young fashion bloggers to Cambodia to work.

"Sweatshop" fashion blogger Anniken Frida Ludwig Cambodia

Of course, not only fashion bloggers should be addressed with the films, but especially they deal daily with the fast pace of fashion, constantly changing trends and labels that hang three times a week a new momentum goods in their shops. In addition to contributions such as outfit posts and categories à la "New in the shops", however, most fashion blogs often only scratch the surface of the fashion world. That it also has its dark side, is often excluded in this context. How important it is, however, that EVERYONE redesigns in these things, shows the Norwegian documentary series "Sweatshop" impressively. And no one can absolve himself of the problems outlined. No matter if you are a fashion blogger or not.

All episodes of "Sweatshop" you can look HERE .

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