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Miu Miu: Label shows weird spring / summer 2015 campaign

Mia Goth awakens unattractive associations on the unmade bed.
Photo: Instagram / miumiu

Models in the house of pleasure

At the sight of Miu Miu's latest campaign, we somehow get a queasy feeling in the stomach. The scene with the girl on the bed does not look like a high fashion campaign.

As a fashion label, it's no longer easy these days: the boring clientele greets each season for something new, something never seen before. This not only applies to the fashion itself, but also to the campaigns.

What photographer Steven Meisel has come up with for Miu Miu is somehow strange. Actually, the campaign with the young actresses Mia Goth, Imogen Poots and Marine Vacth should show three fearless women whose stories are interlinked. As if he himself would take a look into the different rooms, the viewer should feel. So far so good.

The fact that the campaign shots put us rather uncomfortable in the voyeuristic position of a suitor, Mr. Meisel had apparently not on the screen. Mia Goth, who is lying on a bed with an empty look, looks like a minor prostitute who has to be in a bare room for her next suitor. The ruffled crop top, which seems to pull her down with her hand, does the rest.

Miu Miu really can do better ...

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