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Colin Farrell was scared of Tom Cruise

Is Colin Farrell plagued with complexes?

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell / ©

Once again a superstar smears the other honey around the mouth! For another reason, we can not imagine why Colin Farrell says he was worried about meeting a Tom Cruise actor when they started filming Minority Report. His weak nerves made him the first day on the set Almost insane, says Colin, who quickly realized that Cruise is basically just a "normal guy in totally ridiculous circumstances". However, lately we also find our former Top Gun swarm ridiculous, with all its allure and endless Scientology chatter. Colin, however, spoke of something else: Tom need never worry about his mortgage or the purchase of a new car, but basically he would have the same worries as all of us. "Tom Cruise is a really nice guy, " Colin reveals, confirming our theory: Not even plagued by financial worries or poor in superstar image, he's only chattering about positive colleague PR!

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