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How to Wear Breeches

Pants: Paige. Blouse with batwing sleeves: Winter Kate. Plateaus: Schumacher. Chain: Windsor.
Photo: Sabrina Theissen Hair + Make-Up: BETTINA COLMSEE / VIVASTYLE.COM

Marlene tries it

New look - old questions. Does it look well on me? How do I carry this? Author Marlene Sørensen dares a fashionable self-experiment every month. Your current case: flared pants

Today I should play the lottery. Or go to the barber and say, "Do what you feel like!". I could also try baking macarons. Today they would succeed. A day when I instantly find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly is a day when nothing can go wrong. So far, jeans shopping meant one thing above all: work.

Hardworking, rarely rewarded work done in humiliatingly lit dressing rooms. And that came too often, because one supposedly every twelve months needs a new cut. This year it's flared pants. Stupid, I think, when I put it on. Why did I do this for years? Squeezed me into models that do not suit me? Bought me pants that match the fashion, but not my legs? Jeans are about the last thing to look for in fashion. And I say this with the full awareness that I have been wearing skinny jeans for years, even though I have calves in it like a circuit league soccer player. I'm just vain enough to want a pair of jeans that is not completely out of fashion. Flared pants are a good compromise. They are popular again at least once every few years, this time in so many designs that every one is guaranteed to find: high-waisted or low-set, with a tent-sized blow or barely flared leg. Allegedly they have in common that at the same time they look bigger and thinner. Which sounds good. But only half true: An ass does not get smaller just because the lower legs suddenly look wider. You do not get bigger in a flared pant. One wears only high shoes, so that the hem does not drag on the ground. But how about this: You do not have to put on two dozen pairs to find a good one, because the flared trousers do not look good on just one figure. And you get them much more effortlessly over your thighs, so you do not put your dignity at risk every time you put it on, just like skinny jeans. Because unlike undignified one can not describe it, if you only get a piece of clothing by jumping in it on the spot. At most my friend finds this entertaining. He says he'll miss this morning show a little bit.

Pah! I keep my lottery win just for me.

Styling tips:

  • On small women, wide flared pants often seem overwhelming. Flattering are jeans with only slightly flared leg, technical term: "Kick Flare"
  • Another alternative: flares that end at the ankle. For all variants best: Wedges with wooden heel
  • The great thing about flared pants: you can wear them with almost anything. For the 60s look with hippie blouses. With silk shirts as in the 70s. Or, very modern, with a simple T-shirt

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