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Swap Party: Swap instead of buy

Trade instead of buy: The swap party trend is becoming increasingly popular.
Photo: Lou Cypher / Corbis

An alternative to shopping

Buy was yesterday. Now it's time to swap instead of shopping! The swap party trend comes from the US and is now also becoming more popular in Germany. "To swap" means nothing else than swap.

At a swap party, along with other fashion-loving women, you can exchange your clothes, accessories, and shoes that you no longer wear for other pieces. Best of all, you can refresh your wardrobe without putting your account down.

Several times a year, women gather for the swap party events to get hold of one or more favorite pieces. With concentrated female power is "geswappt" what the stuff holds.

Sounds tempting? Then go there! We'll tell you when and where the next swap party takes place.

Do not feel like waiting for the next swap party? Then just organize your own swap party ! What you need for it, you can read here.

Whether at a big event or in a small circle among friends: A swap party is a perfect idea for the next women's evening.

Find out everything you need to know about a swap party ...

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