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Maxi skirts 2015 - this length is trumps

Apricot maxi skirt, approx. 80 Euro, Bixby & Jade over impressions
Photo: Impressions
  1. Mini? Midi? Maxi! Long skirts are announced again
  2. And that's why you should wear a maxi skirt:
  3. Styling tips for maxi skirts

Mini? Midi? Maxi! Long skirts are announced again

In summer they are an essential part of our legs: maxi skirts. And even this year, the XXL length can compete with trend parts in mini or midi.

Schmacht! Summer is finally here and with it the new parts for shallow temperatures. It must be wonderfully airy when outside the thermometer cracks the 25-degree mark. But not always - or should - you want to show a lot of skin. Our tip for a successful and undamaged summer outfit: maxi skirt and T-shirt.

Especially nice: Maxi skirts in pastel shades, such as mint or apricot. But we also lost our hearts to pleated cuts in 2015. What's new this season: There are more ethnic prints than the years before. True to the motto: Long live the hippie look!

And that's why you should wear a maxi skirt:

  • This morning forget to shave your legs? No problem, you can not see Maxiröck.
  • What also disappears: strong calves, cellulite, spider voyage and Co.
  • Despite "privacy" you still feel attracted to summer.
  • With the gentle breeze, the light fabric swirls around your legs and caresses the figure. Great!
  • Never again fear of panties on the picnic blanket. The fabric is so long, nothing looks unintentional here.

Styling tips for maxi skirts

  • Flat shoes (like sandals) look better on the maxi skirt than the relatives with heels.
  • Put a part of the T-shirt in the front of the skirt, it looks casual.
  • If it should be nobler: Even blouses go well to Maxiröck. Here is: Insert it completely and let it slip out easily.
  • The more flared and the maxi skirt, the closer the top should be.
  • Pattern, light tones and gathers look good on slim women, darker tones with A-line cut go well with plus-size girls. But at the end of the day, it's important to feel good.

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