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Matt Damon had to cancel Avatar role

Missed deal with Avatar annoys Matt Damon

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Dumb for Matt Damon. The Hollywood star should have actually played in the million-dollar Avatar and declined the role with thanks. Of course, that was before we were literally killed by the terrific 3-D spectacle. Damon could have starred in the lead role and had to cancel due to time constraints. Clear that he is still angry about this misstep today. "The biggest role I've ever had to say no to was Avatar. Filming would have overlapped with other projects, "explains Matt Damon. Bad luck. So we were allowed to look at Sam Worthington in the lead role and let's face it, Matt did not miss us for a second. Maybe the scandal-free guy should provide us with similar hefty headlines like Jesse James or Tiger Woods, then we would miss him more often. But no, his private life will probably remain unspectacular in the future, disappointed us Damon. "I'm actually left in peace by the press, just because my life is so boring. In that sense I am a real lucky child. I'm married to a normal person and no acting colleague that helps, "said the husband, who recently announced that he considers marriages in themselves morons. He was interested in Tiger Woods, but only on the sporting part of the Woods saga, "I like watching golf, especially for tigers. But what people do in their personal lives is their business. I will watch the Masters on the weekend and I hope that Tiger wins, "said the sports fan. Well, then the golf star with the many sex affairs at least a loyal fan, if he will put his one-hole strength on April 4 to the test. His wife Elin Nordegren, on the other hand, will stay away from her husband's first public appearance. But do not worry Tiger, Matt will cheer for you.