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Mieser prank: Man exchanges hair dye of the girlfriend

Photo: Screenshot Youtube / Mad House Pranksters

So mean, and yet so funny

How would you react if your husband simply changed your hair dye with a different color? Probably that would look exactly like this ...

Jay is a hobby filmmaker and loves to play pranks that he always captures with his camera. Especially his girlfriend Kim is one of his favorite victims - and this time she has to, in the truest sense of the word, hold out her head.

Kim likes to dye her long, beautiful hair raven black - and that regularly. A found food for friend Jay. Quickly in the supermarket and simply instead of black hair dye times blondes buy ... Already in the business, the anticipation is great.

Arriving home, the remedies from the original box of Kim are exchanged with those of Jay's shopping spree. Then it's time to wait. But Jay already suspects "She will kill me!"

How a woman actually reacts when her hair suddenly turns black instead of black, blonde-orange, Jay has captured in this video . We just reveal so much: Kim is so angry that she does not even notice how you slide down the towel ...

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