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New RTL show: Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels fight for survival

RTL launches new celebrity quiz show

Pietro Lombardi, Sarah Engels, Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen and Mirja Du Mont

Do we really need that? Now "RTL" turns a light version of "" ... The German TV program is getting more demanding. In summer, the new RTL show "Star Race" should start - in the style of the "jungle camp". Goal of the show: Six celebrities suspended in teams of two in the Philippines will travel 400 kilometers in three days. Whether on foot, on the bike or hitchhiking - how they reach their destination does not matter. The highlight of the story: the stars have to break through without a translator and with only one euro budget per day.What celebrities are at the start? And these more or less celebrities will join the show: Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (20), Jenny Elvers -Elbertzhagen (40), Nino de Angelo (48), Mirja du Mont (36) and the popular "DSDS" couple (20) and (19). Whether the gently trimmed Sarah through this well? Because unlike the "jungle camp", the stars have to endure to the bitter end - so stop is not! We are curious how (and if) Pietro and Co. will get through in the live broadcast. HD