Recommended, 2022

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Fabric utensil for the sofa

  • green fabric with dots (haberdashery)
  • blue fabric (haberdashery)
  • Sticktwist in green
  • Vlieseline (haberdashery)
  • fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and yarn
  • embroidery needle

1. Made of green and blue fabric approx.

Cut 32 x 100 cm piece.

2. Quilting and turning over three pages on the right side. Hit the edges of the last page inward and stomp.

3. Approx. Fold 14 cm on a short side and sew tight with green Stitching Wist. Use a simple lockstitch for this.

4. Cut small rectangles in blue and iron on fleece-line. Cut out with the zigzag scissors and also sew with a green twist.