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Maite Kelly: The biggest miracle is my daughters!

Maite Kelly sings all songs in the new fairy adventure "TinkerBell - The Quest for the Lost Treasure".
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"Celebrity Wonder Women"

They are beautiful, successful and stand with both legs in life: Our "celebrity miracle women"! This time: Maite Kelly, formerly singing for the "Kelly Family, " lends her voice to songs for the new Disney movie.

1. "Wunderweib": Who or what comes to mind spontaneously? Maite Kelly: 2. The biggest miracle of your life ...? Maite Kelly: 3. What "miracle power / wondrous ability" would you like to own? Maite Kelly: 4. What miracle cure do you recommend for your health? Maite Kelly: 5. What would you do if you could be a man for a day? Maite Kelly 6. In addition to money, mobile phone and keys, which three things must not be missing in your purse? Maite Kelly

7. What advice was the best your mother gave you along the way?

Maite Kelly : Keep on singing.

8. What's your favorite and what's your worst part in the wardrobe?

Maite Kelly : Dearest: Red silk dress, most terrible thing: I threw it out.

9. Let's be honest: how many pairs of shoes do you really own?

Maite Kelly : Definitely over 50.