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Magnolia branches with bird pendants made of fabric

Photo: deco & style

These homemade bird pendants made of reinforced fabric fly on pastelige Magnolia branches - we too!

That's what you need for the Magnolia bouquet:

  • Vliesofix
  • Fabric remnants of checkered fabric in beige
  • Hole and pliers
  • suitable eyelets (eg from Rico design; craft shop; small bag about 3 euros)
  • Satin ribbon in Apricot (craft shop, from about 0.50 Euro / m)
  • Vases (eg from the depot, big: 19, 99 Euro, small: 16, 99 Euro)
  • magnolia branches
  • fabric scissors
  • pencil

And that's how easy it is:

1. Place Vliesofix to reinforce between two layers of fabric and iron on everything.

2. Draw birds with pencil on the fabric and cut out.

3. Provide substance birds with a hole (hole pliers).

4. Provide holes for reinforcement with an eyelet (Ösenzange).

5. Cut the strips of appropriate length and attach them to the birds as a suspension.

6. Place magnolia branches in the vases and hang birds on them.

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