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#LiveTweetYourPeriod: Once a month Soul Relief via twitter

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Already sent someone to hell today? Not? You do not need it either. We're having fun with these funny tweets #LiveTweetYourPeriod.

Once a month we find everything stupid: Best friend - stupid. Cinema visit - stupid. Sun - stupid. Except our favorite series maybe. And chocolate. Jaaaaa chocolate - a lot of chocolate. But not more ...

The reason for this? Our period, rule, menstruation. Only a few days ago I read something about the Strawberry Week - but it does not make it any better. Not better, but more bearable are those funny tweets. Under the hashtag '#LiveTweetYourPeriod, our fellow sufferers write down what causes us to rage month after month: food cravings, bad mood, and hellish pain.

Granted - hellish is maybe a bit over the top. But the pain is definitely bad. And unbearable too. Also, if we have to 'surf the red wave' once a month (picked up in a girls' magazine), we may well pity ourselves a little bit. After all, men do too. And with every little ache.

At least as unpleasant as the menstrual period: the visit to the gynecologist. Here are 9 things you would rather leave with your gynecologist before your next appointment.

Honestly maybe I am ... Dying that is! #LiveTweetYourPeriod

- Nimko Ali (@NimkoAli) 23 June 2015

I do not really have my days ... I have to die!

That moment when you stand up and there's a rush of blood and you hope it did not stain your pants. #livetweetyourperiod

- DALAYYYY (@ TheToast2015) June 12, 2015

This moment - when you discover a pool of blood in the morning and just hope that you do not have your days

There is a was inside my body #LiveTweetYourPeriod

- Jessica Goldfond (@shinysquirrel) June 22, 2015

Somebody is making war in me

Eating a kit for breakfast because it's Friday and #livetweetyourperiod

- Baenerys (@Auragasmic) February 27, 2015

For breakfast a Kitkat - because Friday is and because I have my period


- Peach├ęs (@JuJuuBeans) April 20, 2015

I feel the power of Satan in my body

Current situation ... #LiveTweetYourPeriod

- Chezale (@chezalepresents) August 15, 2015

Straight: In the red tent