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Lifehack: With adhesive tape to the perfect bouquet

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Lifehack: How to make a perfect bouquet

Who does not know this: You get a bouquet of flowers - and this one does not fit into the existing vases. But there is a simple trick ...

We love flowers! But there are moments with the pretty arrangements that can bring us to despair. Everybody knows it: the bouquet is a dream, but it just does not fit into the vase - just as it is. Crap, looks really horrible! Sometimes it is too long for her or the flower stems are cut too short. Then he looks almost lost in the vase or everything has to squeeze into the glass. Suboptimal, we would say ...

Stop it! With this simple lifehack, there are never again failed flower arrangements. The trick: All you need for a perfect bouquet is a vase with a little water and tape. Duct tape? Yes, heard that right. Because this is glued in a grid on the opening of the vase. Now you can put in the intervening openings individual flower stems. So each flower from the bouquet gets its own place without being squeezed. How the whole thing really works - and looks like in the end, reveals the video: