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Levi's and Google design touchscreen jeans

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  1. The future of jeans is called "Jacquard"
  2. Control a cell phone with jeans? That's how it's done!
  3. Google and Levi's want to go high

The future of jeans is called "Jacquard"

'Welcome to the future' you want to call out directly in this news. Because: Google and the traditional brand Levi Strauss are already working on a project that will revolutionize the way a conventional jeans work.

Take a call with the jeans? Turn off the laptop with the sofa? "Jacquard" is the name of the project under which the giants Levi's and Google are now designing a pair of jeans designed to control light switches and computers or mobile phones in the future. Sounds utopian, but is currently more real than ever.

Control a cell phone with jeans? That's how it's done!

How does it work? Special, electronically conductive threads are incorporated into the jeans and react sensory to the body heat of the hand. If you wipe the fabric of your clothes, the technically connected device responds. The challenge for Levi's and Google: You need to make the material and communication chips as small but effective as possible, so that the style of a garment is not lost. The power supply is also a question which the inventors must ask themselves ...

Google and Levi's want to go high

It should not stay with the jeans however. Even jackets, shirts or fabric covers for furniture should be made with this smart fabric. The great thing is that the conductive threads do not react with water. So no one has to worry about rain and thunderstorms in front of the door.

Levi's and Google see the smart clothes not only as a revolution in the market, but also as a social support. The idea is to spend more time with friends and family instead of favoring banal actions (for example turning off the light in the apartment while everyone else is sitting at the dining table). Paul Dillinger, designer at Levi Strauss, recently said at the Google I / O developer conference, "And if we can keep eye contact with the person we're having dinner with, it's of particular value."

When can I buy the touchscreen jeans?

Until the smart jeans come on the market, we have to wait a little bit. It is expected that the first textiles with touch screen effect will be ready in autumn 2016. Until these can go into production, more time will probably go into the country. But the way is paved for futuristic clothing.