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Illnesses: pathogenesis

Definition, causes and course of disease

An ear canal infection is a painful infection. Everybody knows the feeling of water in the ear after showering or visiting a swimming pool. Often a head movement is sufficient to remove the liquid or it runs out by itself again. Sometimes, however, the alleged bagatelle has unpleasant consequences. Moisture that remains in the ear is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Even small wounds favor infections of the ear canal, which leads from the auricle to the eardrum. High is the risk of swimming or diving in polluted waters. In severe cases, inflammation spreads to the entire ear and can affect cartilage and bone. Ear infections are common. Above average, people are affected who have made a beach holiday in the tropics. But also exaggerated hygiene in the home bathroom can be responsible for the symptoms: Anyone who penetrates with cotton swabs or similar instruments in the ear canal, easily causing fine injuries and interferes with the function of important earwax. He carries germs from the ear and kills pathogens. Often torment itching and pain, which intensify when pulled on the ear. Chewing and talking can also cause discomfort. You may experience hearing loss, discharge and pus.


In case of ear canal inflammation, the doctor cleans and dries the ear and applies ointments against inflammation and germs.

Prevention and self-help

To prevent ear canal inflammation, keep your ears dry and dry with a hair dryer after swimming. Attention: earplugs or hearing aids may accumulate water. Avoid!

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