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Funny Video: Women draw their dream penis

How big does a penis have to be? These women draw their dream penis in a funny video.
Photo: Elite Daily

Video reveals: This penis length is needed for good sex

Please do not blush: In this funny video, women draw their dream penis for fulfilling sex. Shocking: With the penis length they have high demands.

What does the perfect penis look like? How long must he be? And how fat? Are you allowed to have hair around it?

Every woman has their own idea of ​​the perfect penis . However, to describe it is difficult - and that's why the women in this video use paper and pen to draw their dream penis.

The result: wonderfully funny. But also shocking, because as far as the ideal penis length is concerned, the ladies in this video wish for fulfilling sex about 19 to 20 centimeters ... quite a lot of wood, we would say ... but at least: they also value that When love play serious feelings are in the game.

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