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Outfit ideas for the next date

A pair of styling fans who can always look their best: It girl Olivia Palermo and her German model Johannes Huebl strolling through New York.
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The best thing is that you can immediately re-shop all looks

Whether candlelight dinner, movie night or spa day - these looks are as exciting as the first date. What matters in the outfit? We'll reveal here! No matter what you plan to do, with our styling ideas you will look stunning.

Top priority for every outfit: feel good! Finally, the outfit should not unsettle the data. Much better: wear a favorite outfit that has already proven itself in other situations. For here, too, is the beautiful adage: "Good looks, who feels comfortable in his skin." So better do without fashionable experiments and let the new high heels in the closet. In contrast always nice: a pretty dress . That should make the wearer natural, relaxed and yet feminine. And then it's easy from the office directly to the restaurant.

Even more outfit ideas for the next date complacent? No problem! We will show you three looks, from candlelight dinner to movie night and spa day, in which you are guaranteed to fall in love. And best of all, if you hit Amor's shopping arrow, you can immediately buy the chic items online.

You have an appointment with the chic noble Italian? An outfit in warm, muted tones always makes something! Super choice: A wrap dress is a real Figurschmeichler . Depending on the location set with accessories highlights. Better not: Too much bling-bling, cut-outs or stretch, they do not want to look like a bachelor candidate. Of course you are welcome to accept the rose that your lover brings you for dinner.

Sure, in the cinema it's dark anyway, but in a pretty outfit you feel equally comfortable here. With knit sweaters, jeans and sneakers, it's also comfortable in a film with extra length. Accessories in gold complete the look chic. It gets even better with a harmonious make-up: Basically, a natural beauty look for a date is better . You want to show yourself how you are and do not hide behind a mask. The nude look is also absolutely trendy.

The upscale dating discipline: a day in the wellness temple . Finally, we drop more or less first cases here. So the outfit should be right! You have a favorite bikini? Wrap up! And for over it? A beautiful swimwear inspires the imagination enough, because it needs the rest of the outfit no deep cleavage and short skirt. A cozy sweater and pants in soft tones, matching warm boots and shimmering down yoke are the better alternative. So it goes on then to the favorite café.