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The perfect accessory for the summer of 2013

Cool accessory trend: the two-tone bag
Photo: Getty Images

Accessories are simply the nicest thing in the world!

Nothing works without them! Because these cool accessories really add some excitement to your outfit - Happy End in Summer 2013 guarantees ...


Last year it was the clothes, this season's bags are double the color dose. Classic in black and white, in Candy-Colors, with animal imprinting or totally gaudy, the new darlings bring variety into elegant or clean-cool ensembles .

Also trendy: hats in gentleman style, shiny metallic belts, companion in bright lacquer nuances, round sunglasses, sandals with lacing or colorful patterned scarves .

The matching styling inspiration delivers street-style beauties from around the world.

In the gallery you will find all the trend accessories for summer 2013 for re-purchase. These companions pimp every outfit, promise!