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Sick 9-year-old meets Jesus at near-death experience

Sick 9-year-old meets Jesus at near-death experience

After that she was healed.

Nine-year Annabel Beam falls off a tree and faints for hours. During this time, she is experiencing something downright incredible.

At the age of five, Annabell Beam detects two very rare and lethal digestive diseases. For years she can only eat liquid food and is in constant pain. A hospital stay joins the next one. The girl is in such pain at times that she wishes to die.

A tree changes everything

In December 2011, the unbelievable happens. Annabell Beam falls while playing from a nearly ten-foot-tall tree, beats repeatedly with his head and then faints for hours. Only after hours, she is discovered and then rescued by the fire department. The first miracle is clear: Annabell survives the heavy fall without a scratch. But that's not all: since the fall, Annabell has apparently healed of her bad illness overnight. She can suddenly eat solid food again and has no more pain since then.

She suddenly meets her grandmother - and is sent back to life by Jesus

The miracle maid explains to the astonished physicians the sudden healing with a special experience:

While Annabell lies unconscious for hours on the floor, she meets her own statement suddenly Jesus.

"I saw the sky and it was really light, and I saw my grandmother, who had died a few years back. And so I knew that I was in heaven, "says the twelve-year-old. "I believe I was healed because I asked Jesus if I could stay with him and then he said , 'No, Annabel, I have plans for you on earth that you can not fulfill in Heaven. If I send you back, nothing will be wrong with you anymore, "Annabel told Star Telegram.

Annabell's parents and especially her doctor Samuel Nurko are happy about the miracle. But it can not be explained medically. The doctor of Annabel has now confirmed that this is "completely asymptomatic, can lead a normal life and no longer requires treatment."

An incredible story you can even read: Annabel's mother Christy Wilson wrote it down in the book "Miracles from Heaven".