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Slim with the fruit clock Thanks to Fruit Day 1 pound a day off

Surely you still know the good old fruit day. This modern variant is particularly effective. Because it takes into account: which variety brings the most

The last barbecue with friends or the cake at my mother-in-law's was just too seductive - and sops, are already one, two pounds too much on the hips? Then put in an SOS day with fresh fruits.

If you like these according to their sugar content select, keep the fattening hormone insulin at bay. And bring the fat loss in swing! The fruit day you can put in the summer great once a week as compensation - because with the large supply of fruits, the holding is guaranteed to be very easy.

This is how the fruit day works

Enjoy about 1.5 kilos of fruit throughout the day. Choose the right varieties for every time with our Slim Watch. Important: During the day you should eat less and less fructose, so as not to block the fat loss.

In the morning

For breakfast, for example, there is a fruit salad from 300 - 400 g of fruit. In between, drink water or unsweetened teas - at least two liters a day. Morning snack: 200 - 300 g fruits.

at lunchtime

300 - 400 g fresh fruits fill the stomach. If you want, you can also puree the watermelon or squeeze oranges. Snack in the afternoon: 200 - 300 g of fruit.

in the evening

With likewise 300 - 400 g fructose fruit you can end the day optimally. This way, the fat burning process is perfect, and you will see the result on your balance the next day.