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Cuddle up: Now we make ourselves comfortable in nice home wear

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So the cold days become a cuddly pleasure

The autumn slowly turns the last leaves into deep reddish brown, before finally sailing slowly to the ground and leaving the stage to winter with snow and ice. Does not sound good? Oh but! Finally, we can now make ourselves really comfortable without a guilty conscience and spend the whole day on the sofa. A good book, delicious cookies with a fragrant tea and cozy candlelight - perfect! Not quite, because what would be relaxing hours on the sofa without cuddly homewear? Just! Here are beautiful companions for a cuddly pleasure.

1. Woke up and get in

Get out of the warm bed and into the fluffy dressing gown. If that's not a good start to the "stay-here-on-the-sofa-day" today, we do not know it either. Thanks to the striped sections, the plain coat looks casually accentuated.

2. Still feeling good

Stylish ensemble for a cuddly day on the sofa: The flower pattern of the pants comes through the top with delicate lace to perfection. So we like to open the postman.

3. Cuddly with "Holiday" message

Well, already in anticipation of the Christmas holiday? For all those, this sweet sweater with "Happy Holiday" message should be the right companion for cozy hours on the sofa.

4. Classic feel-good pants

We all know and love them: the classic sweatpants. She has been making things more beautiful for years and has given us many relaxing hours. Recently, she has even climbed the fashion Olympus and has become a must-have. Our loose cut, slim leg model is classic and always a good choice.

5. For the extra portion of cuddle factor

Oh, but it looks nice and soft! And the nice thing is that the cardigan does not only look that way, but it is also, thanks to the super soft material mix, really. If you like the Scandinavian style will love this model, because it can create great looks in this style. Promised!

6. Show your feet

We will not say that twice, because with these fancy house boots on our feet we have nothing to hide on our "Lazy Day". Knitted multicolored, they not only provide excellent warmth but are also a pretty color accent.

7. Let's Sock around

Of course, you should not miss any "today-lie-me-just-on-the-couch-day": thick knit socks. This model brings us with his wintry Scandinavian pattern ever a bit in the Christmas spirit. Ho, ho, ho!

8. Just outside the door

Quickly pick up the post or run for a delicious piece of cake to the bakery on the corner? Your head and neck will stay wonderfully warm with this fluffy dream team. And how the colors harmonize ... Hach, that's nice!

Enough cuddled and in spite of rain, but once again out the door? Then check - here you will find everything to get well prepared through the rain.

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