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Small tricksTake away: Tips against cravings


A healthy snack helps against cravings.
  1. Extensive breakfasts and small meals
  2. Stop cravings: drink a lot and resort to spicy foods
  3. Tips for stress eaters

often wants to lose weight with food cravings . Eating is not forbidden, however, the handle should be avoided to high-calorie snacks. With which tips you can best soothe the small hunger in between, you will find out here.

Extensive breakfasts and small meals

If you often feel cravings, you should always question their diet and eating habits. Even diets are counterproductive: By the constant calorie abstinence lowers the blood sugar level, the appetite for sweet and greasy increases. One of the most common tips to avoid cravings from the outset, therefore, is an extensive breakfast. Before you start your day, you should above all eat whole-grain products such as bread or cereals. That lasts for many hours. If you feel hungry between meals despite a decent breakfast, it is advisable to take healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, yoghurt or even raw food with lean quark are suitable small satiety.

Stop cravings: drink a lot and resort to spicy foods

Other tips to avoid cravings when losing weight include increased hydration. Drink a lot of water or tea, it fills the stomach and reduces hunger. In particular, nutrition experts also recommend green tea or a cup of black coffee - the caffeine they contain is designed to reduce hunger. In addition, caffeine stimulates the metabolism, which can have a supportive effect when losing weight. Spicy dishes also stimulate the metabolism and at the same time slow down the appetite.

Tips for stress eaters

Those who eat too much due to stress, frustration, loneliness or boredom, should follow the following tips. For stress eaters, chewing gum, for example, is recommended. This can already reduce the small hunger in between. In addition, exercise or walks in the fresh air can help distract you. A food cravings can be overcome without sin.