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Class Video: ATM dispenses gifts

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / TDCanada

Automated Thanking Machines

The TC Canada Trust has come up with a great way to say thank you: ATMs that distribute gifts to special customers.

When we enter a bank, the process is actually always the same. We head for the ATM, withdraw an amount from our account and go back out of our way. Social contact with bank employees is rare - we remain anonymous! As a phenomenal promotional clip from the TD Canada Trust proves, this does not always have to be this way.

The Canadian bank has considered that it would be time to say 'thank you' appropriately to its customers. Bank employees selected 20 customers, which should be a special surprise. But the presents were not just presented somehow. To complete the surprise, an ATM machine, short for Automated Teller Machine (in English: ATM) was converted into an Automated Thanking Machine . Customers were lured to the store under the pretext of testing this new ATM.

As the video shows, the selected customers are personally addressed by their name. The nature of the gifts proves that the staff of TD Canada Trust sometimes seems to know their customers pretty well.

For example, an elderly lady receives tickets for a flight to Trinidad to visit her cancer-stricken daughter, who regularly financially supports her from Canada. The touched mother can not believe it when she holds the plane tickets to the Caribbean in her hands. A young mother, on the other hand, can not stop her tears when the Automated Thanking Machine donates her not only passbooks for the education of her children, but also tickets for Disneyland. The reaction of the young woman comes close when she says: "I could never go anywhere with my children."

Even small gestures like a pretty bunch of flowers please the customers. A woman sums it up: "I've never had such a nice surprise." That this method of saying 'thank you' is an absolute hit should not be out of the question.

This is proven by the many clicks on and the comments of the users. We also join in there. See below for yourself how touching the TD Canada Trust clip is!

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