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Children protect hope for our children - and for us!

Shabby yet accurate: children are our future. The aging society is increasingly suffering from demographic change. Much is at stake. We today's adults are (still) capable and ready to perform. But what about tomorrow?

Children suffer from our superficiality
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They exist. And many of them: children brought up by responsible parents. Or better: parents who live a psychologically and physically healthy life. And that's good! Because ... we do not have to "pull" children, they're going to ruin everything anyway.

Long-time nutrition coach and family man Patric Heizmann, has raffled with us on the subject. If you need more practical tips for healthy nutrition: The expert offers a free online seminar, dates are free to choose.

Children no longer learn "food culture"

Patric Heizmann says: "microcosm" family "is at risk. We live in a society where it seems more and more important for more and more people to impress the neighbor than to be a good role model with good values. "

Spurred on by professional marketing strategies, the industry shows us how "easy & fast" it is to lure the happy hormones out of hiding today: fast-food, high-calorie, cheap food, every few years a cheap car-financed new car with more schnick schnack and regular metamorphoses on the electronics market spur on top performance in the job so that we can afford things we do not really need.

Unfortunately, children often fall by the wayside: In the past, a parent was practically always at home, so he could eat with the sprouts three times a day, which gave us a certain "food culture". Today, both are often working because the increasingly expensive life has to be financed. Stupid, if the policy guarantees crèche places for under-3-year-olds legally, so that both (!) Parents can go out and work on their own. Would it make more sense if the "people's representatives" would take care of arranging income so that the mum or dad could also stay home for the little ones?

Kids are the big losers of the crazy game

Since many parents have less time for their children, our protégés operate more and more real anesthetics: especially boys tend to the daily routine stunning by means of a game console. Not only does the musculoskeletal system atrophy - it is not even close to being trained. Exactly this means a serious danger in adulthood, because the organism later can not resort to any major muscle reserves, tendons, bones and ligaments were not fully developed. Girls are already wearing 10 nail polish and chic handbags to keep up with the school-branded schoolgirls, while at home they tend to roam around in superficial social media channels, meeting "friends" - weakening their social skills.

"Esskultur" is mediated by means of permanent advertising duration sprinkling: "I love it!" Whispers McDonald's in our ear. Nutella relies on the national team as Trojan horse for their greasy / sugary goo. The danger is great that children Nutella feed with "play good football" ... and are slowly but surely even the ball.

Self-confidence? Give unconditional love

If parents do not give their children unconditional love because they themselves are at risk of destroying their self-esteem, then there is a great danger that the little ones will not sufficiently develop their self-esteem. In turn, they become more dependent on the opinions of others, which in turn is roughly influenced by the marketing machinery of the big corporations.

Brand-name clothing is an example of this: the smaller the self-esteem, the more important the overpriced clothes of hyped designers become. Children are bullied at an early age if they are not "up to date" in terms of their cladding technology. So the parents have to keep working, so that the sad, sometimes traumatized child can recapture the place in society in this grotesque way. For healthy food, more fruits and vegetables is no more money ...

Disgusting meat inspection

Disgusting for young people are then such programs as "Germanys Next Top Model", are presented in the girls who look like a wallpapered bone. In the most critical development phase of a pubescent girl, she recognizes recognition for "good" looks via the flat screen. FLASH screen gains a whole new meaning here!

The call of the expert:

"I paint a terrible picture, a bit exaggerated, I realize that. I wish you did NOT feel addressed. Because you live by other values, because you are a good role model because you call good values ​​such as charity, respect, gratitude your own. Politicians should work for the right framework conditions. But anyone who complains about society or the work of politicians should take a very critical look into the nucleus of every society: their own family. She is the microcosm. If everything is fine here, you can only be a happy person. You are vaccinated against the temptations of the corporations. Against the aspiration to get higher, faster, and faster. This tranquility is transmitted to your (future) child, to your children. "Similarly, the natural urge for good, healthy food and more exercise has a great opportunity to develop freely. This gives strength for a later life full of unforeseen challenges. And those who have been able to build up psychological and physical reserves as a child and a young adult are also powerfully and easily responsible for the aging society.

Begin everything in the family. Give love. Unconditional love. Your child is as it is - AND THAT IS SO EXACTLY RIGHT! It does not have to be, it's adorable. Bestselling author Patric Heizmann reveals tips for small and large family members in a free Online Semiar practical tips for parents who want to do something for the health of their family.