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Benedict Cumberbatch: Is the Sherlock star really HOT?

Benedict Cumberbatch from niche celebrity to hottie?
Photo: Getty Images

Everyone wants the British!

Is it just us - or is Benedict Cumberbatch ? The career of the Sherlock star rose steeply in recent years - but also increased its appeal. Somehow he has something, but what makes this charm? A classic beauty, the Briton really is not! But is the cumberbatch known as Sherlock Holmes really HOT?

Currently, Benedict Cumberbatch adorns the cover of "Entertainment Weekly" - the third season starts in mid-March in US TV, the broadcast date in Germany is not yet fixed.

In the magazine, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue reveals about the cast of Cumberbatch: "When we cast him and people saw him, they asked: 'You promised us a sexy guy!'. Who would have thought at the time that Benedict Cumberbatch would stir his spirits? Best proof: Only recently Benedict Cumberbatch won an online award as "Hottest Star". Well then, go Cumberbatch!

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