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Kate Middleton pregnant again?

Do Duchess Kate and Prince William expect their second child?
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The rumors persist. Allegedly, Prince William and Kate Middleton expect their second child. For a long time is rumored about a pregnancy. Now the speculation is thickening. On a trip to New Zealand, Prince William said to Cynthia Reed, she knitted a scarf out of merino wool for son George, saying, "You may have to make another scarf soon." Has anyone babbled on?

Probably not. As we learned now, Prince William is said to have spoken of "sometime, " not "soon." Such a TV station, which has the remark on tape. What also speaks against a pregnancy : First, Duchess Kate grabbed wine at a winery instead of water and then took a wave ride on a high-speed boat through the canyons of the Otaga River. We recall: Kate Middleton's last pregnancy was hyperemis, a particularly severe form of pregnancy sickness. She felt so bad that she had to be treated in a clinic. An excursion on an adventure boat and a visit to a winery would probably not have been there.

But in one thing we are sure: The young couple is working on a second child. After all, Kate has already announced last year that she wants to get pregnant again as soon as possible. We are looking forward to it!