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Crochet Crochet Pattern for Potholders: This is how it works stitch by stitch

An easy exercise for crocheting fans: This is how you make a pot holder yourself!

Crochet potholders - that's how it works
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A kitchen utensil that we can always use are potholders. With a little bit of practice we can catch the rags ourselves. The instructions are here with us.

That's what you need:

  • Green Potholders: Bleached Fb 263, Bee Fb 364, Sunshine Fb 354, Celery Fb 309
  • Red potholders: Raspberry Fb 356, Sugar Fb 303, Ecru Fb 251, Rosso Fb 215
  • Crochet Hook No. 4

That's how it works:

1. Connect 5 LM and close with 1 KM to the ring.
2. Crochet 12 tr in the LM ring. Replace the first tr of each Rd with 3 LM.
3. Crochet 2 tr in the first st in the round of Rd 3 LM (to replace the first tr). Pass 2 tr. Crochet a trb group of 3 tr, 3 tr 3 tr (corner), 2 tr in the next row and crochet the next trb group. Close Rd with 1 KM. Crochet 3 tr in each row of sts on each row, and crochet a group of 3 tr, 3 sts, 3 tr on the 3 sts of the corner. Continue to crochet until the desired size is reached. Crochet one round at the end. At the end of the Rd work a loop for hanging. To do this, bind 12 sts, close to the bow with a st and crochet around this stsheet.

And here it goes to download.

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