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Captain Poldi and officer New fly 'Fanhansa winner flyer'

Captain Poldi and officer New fly the Fanhansa winner plane.
Photo: facebook

World champion flight to Berlin

With a delay of two hours, the world champions are expected in Berlin. Reason for this are neither Captain Poldi, nor Officer New.

The goal: achieved! 'Berlin, Berlin, we are flying to Berlin' - with a world champion title and lots of good mood in luggage. Thousands of fans have flocked to the Brandenburg Gate since early morning to celebrate the fourth star together with our World Cup heroes. Back to nsa ' Fanha winner flyer '.

In the cockpit no one less than a joker Lukas Podolski . So whether the machine lands in Berlin with a delay of two hours? No. The reason: a scratch on ' Fanhansa winner flyer '. A luggage cart rams the machine.

Besides Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Manuel Neuer are eagerly awaited. What Poldi can do, Neuer can also - said it and unceremoniously pulled out the phone. The cup always there! They had time enough!

Probably for Lufthansa captain Uwe Strohdeicher and the two first officers Markus Imlig and Emanuel Döbler an unforgettable experience!

See you guys! We look forward to seeing you! For those who can not be there, DasErste shows the pictures of the Brandenburg Gate.

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