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Edie Campbell: That's why the model ran half naked for Louis Vuitton

Fashion-Nackedei: Model Edie Campbell will think twice about her next mojito.
Photo: Getty Images

Bodypainting appearance was a crazy idea

It was Marc Jacobs' last show as head designer for Louis Vuitton. Not surprisingly so, that he said goodbye with a little scandal ...

More or less involuntary accomplice in the process: Model Edie Campbell, whom he sent across the catwalk last October for Louis Vuitton's spring / summer show 2014 - wearing only a glittering tanga and a bit of color on the body.

The approval of the 24-year-old appeared to be in a more than cheery state: "I already had some Mojitos in it when I was asked, I would have said yes to pretty much everything." she told the Telegraph. "They said, 'Perfect! Come over here tomorrow so we can customize your jeweled thong ...'" Uuups! Unfortunately, it was already too late to back down.

Before the Louis Vuitton fashion show Edie Campbell then had to endure a half-day body painting - without sitting and with only six hours sleep in three days. There was certainly no joy when the Bodypainter also began to constantly screw up and make corrections on the body of the English model. In the end, she had to be supported by exhaustion from two assistants.

Although she walked professionally over the catwalk, the next Mojito had a bitter aftertaste.