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Kacy Catanzaro: First Woman Masters American Ninja Warrior Final

Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / creepygarbage

Women Power

Kacy Catanzaro is celebrated worldwide. She is not only one of the few female participants in "American Ninja Warrior" - she is the first woman to master the finale of the show!

It's a first. For the first time in the history of the television program American Ninja Warrior, a woman has not only made it to the final - but mastered it with flying colors!

As Kacy Catanzaro masters the final course, millions of people are thrilled. The 24-year-old swings feather-light from ring to ring and makes the tiring competition look a snap. But American Ninja Warrior is anything but easy - in four rounds the fitness of the mostly male participants is put to the test. Most fail already on the first course - not so Kacy.

It's the first time in the world that a woman has mastered the Ninja Warrior finale . In Japan, the motherland of the competition show, even a female version of the show was launched in 2001 - after women proved in the original show as a chance against the men. Kacy Catanzaro does not want to know anything about a women's version. She likes to dress with the opposite sex and proves at the latest in the American Ninja Warrior Finale that she is capable of doing so.

The 24-year-old gymnast overcomes all clichés. Because Kacy Catanzaro is sporty, but it is anything but masculine. Kacy is pretty, feminine and above all fit. This will make her a role model worldwide. The video of her successful final beats unexpected waves and goes around the world. The gymnast wants to draw attention - Kacy Catanzaro shows not only how important fitness is, but also how much fun it can be to be in good shape.

Kacy looks great, but she does not care about being pretty. Exactly that is the message, which wants to spread the winner now: To have a good figure, is beautiful, one can enjoy life however above all, if one is fit. Kacy Catanzaro fights for a healthy lifestyle and shows that nothing is impossible. This inspires women worldwide.


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