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Jordan's nobility: Queen Rania has survived her heart surgery

Jordan's nobility: Queen Rania of Jordan
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Back in the spotlight

Jordan's nobility: Jordan is arguably the country in Arabia that is most oriented to the Western world. The Jordanian nobility, too, seems modern and progressive in our eyes. The driving force of the Royals is the beautiful Rania. She dared, now, after her sudden heart surgery, back into the limelight!

Queen Rania was in Amman Star of her own gala. Very elegant her winter white robe made of silk with a refined shoulder part, which released a slight neckline and left the arms uncovered. It was unimaginable that the elated queen and mother of four had just recently gone to a clinic in New York because her heart was showing weakness due to excessive stress. And with just 40 years!

"A routine operation, " it said immediately after the intervention to reassure the many Rania fans around the world. "Everything is going well, " the royal family announced a little later in Amman. The illustrious sponsors who celebrated the 15th anniversary of the "Jordan River Foundation" with Rania and her husband King Abdullah (48) saw that this was true. This foundation was founded by Rania in 1995 to improve the social and medical needs of women and children.

"One million people could already be helped by us, " emphasized Rania in her speech. "Help everyone to get more, " she shouted, soliciting a large donation from the evening's wealthy guests.

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