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Video: Couple is dancing in the subway!

Subway: Dancing instead of waiting!

Shit, the train is just gone. What are you doing to bridge the waiting time? While some look impatiently on their smartphone and others look annoyed at the clock, this pair has a different idea. They bridge the waiting time for the subway with their favorite hobby: dancing.

So they do not attract the attention of the passers - because of them lacks any trace in the video but that of the Internet community. By now, over 1.5 million people have seen the couple's video on YouTube!

Admittedly, the two can really dance. Her passion is hard to miss and the choreography is perfect. Nevertheless, one or the other passing passenger may be surprised when suddenly a couple starts to dance on the platform. The female actress would have loved to go further. But then comes the train.

Who dares: take an example on this dancing couple at the next missed subway instead of boring the book out.

What are they doing there? While others wait for the subway, this couple starts dancing!

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