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I do not care if you find me disgusting

Again and again oversize model Tess Holliday makes for excitement. Mostly because she deals so openly with her voluptuous body that it bothers many people.

On Instagram, Tess shows what she is like
Photo: Instagram / tessholliday

Most recently, the American posted a photo of herself on Facebook. Naked! Too much for many followers.

"I do not care if you find me attractive or if my body bothers you!" With these words, the model comments on her own photo. Of course, so much provocation can not wait long for resistance: "White whale", "ugly", "symbol of American society" are just some of the 4000 comments under Tess Post.

Despite the negative comments: Tess has a huge fanbase. Not least because it shows itself exactly how it is: thick. "You are so beautiful", "wonderfully beautiful" or "admirable". Tess fans are impressed by their courage.

And that the model has long been mass suitable, also proves the moderate H & M. Tess was the star in one of the plus-size campaigns. And not in size 44, but in a stately 52. ​​At a height of 1.65 meters, it weighs 117 kilos.

This is exactly the picture:

One of ➕Size Model | Mom | Feminist (@tessholliday) Posted Photo on Sep 11, 2015 at 9:20 pm

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