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Ideas for living with a child - not just for the nursery

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  1. More scope for young and old
  2. Living with child - Tips for the kitchen
  3. Living with a child - Tips for the bathroom
  4. Living with child - Tips for living room and hall
  5. Living with child - Tips for the nursery
  6. Living with a child - safety in the rooms

More scope for young and old

Children want room to run around, parents do not want to stumble over blocks and cuddly toys every step of the way. Know how, set up a safe environment that appeals to the whole family.

Children seek proximity to their parents and conquer the living room with their toy arsenal. With clever compromises, the chaos can be kept within limits. A separate play area or swing mounted in the door frame ensure carefree fun. The rest of the room belongs to the parents again.

Living with child - Tips for the kitchen

Let children cook with you? It's easier than you think. Because children have their own tasks in the kitchen, they are usually long and highly concentrated in the matter. Even the little ones can help with stirring, sorting berries or topping pizza dough. On a high chair at the kitchen table, they have a safe "workplace" at an ideal height. Practical are high chairs, which grow up to school age. Kitchenette "Sundern", without electrical appliances, 210 cm wide, about 550 €, Otto. Highchair "Tripp Trapp", 79 x 49 x 46 cm, approx. 180 €, Stokke

On self-planted herbs are small hobby gardeners very proud! A vertically mounted herb ladder displays the delicious plants beautifully - and minimizes the risk of early harvest by curious gourmets. Bet that even the largest green stuffy muffle will become a herb fan in this presentation? Bar with plastic pots, Ø 13 cm each, approx. 30 €, Tchibo

Living with a child - Tips for the bathroom

For Mama, her little bottles and pots are her beloved bathtub toy for children. To make it fair in the bathroom, each family member should get their own niche. Practical for the accommodation of children's toys are large boxes with lids, in which squeaky duck & Co. can easily be stowed away after the bathing fun. Of course you should never leave the offspring alone in the bathroom and make sure that the door lock can also be opened from the outside. Pew bench, 47 x 55 x 35 cm, approx. 40 €, Ikea

Oh, how seductive! If the favorite stuffed animal needs a new diaper and a cream treatment, the winding utensils are hopefully not so easy to reach for children's hands! To keep them within reach of mom and dad, keep them in a wall shelf. Practical are special diaper shelves with sliding partitions. Wall shelf, 24 x 80 x 21 cm, approx. 38 €, Roba

Extra tip: Kids love to be asked. Let her have a say. Whether new bathroom tiles or a change of scenery - let the kids choose the new color with them.

Living with child - Tips for living room and hall

Criss-cross jackets, bags and shoes can be quite annoying. One solution to the problem is bringing child-friendly furniture that will quickly keep things organized, such as low wardrobes or shoe cupboards. Bankrests are also particularly versatile. Bigger kids can put on and take off their shoes while sitting down, while younger kids can use the strategically located storage space to show everyone that they can join in: shoes in, door closed - ready to go!

A cupboard with small shelves at the front is ideal for storing favorite books and magazines. In between there is room for photos of the family trip or small sticky notes. Add extra grip and color to the game, cross strained red strings. Cabinet, lacquered pine, 138 x 30 x 42 cm, approx. 145 €, Car

An environment in which everyone feels comfortable is not only practical, but beautiful. The drawers of the metal container look like small suitcases and create a happy living environment. 85 x 42 x 33 cm, about 200 €, Maisons du Monde. A paper sun welcomes all family members on their return home in good mood yellow. Paper decoration, Ø 30 cm, ca. 4 €, Ikea

A flexible device makes everyday life a lot easier. Mobile cabinets like this can simply be pushed away if you need more room to run around. 89 x 147 x 77 cm, approx. 170 €, Ikea

Extra tip: The kids should also experiment for a change. As you paint the walls, for example, the offspring may miss the old stool, and it makes sense to keep busy.

Living with child - Tips for the nursery

The nursery is the room in which to romp to your heart's content and in which most toys are. So that the little ones do not start any daring climbing maneuvers, toys should be easily accessible and clothes should be at eye level. Pretty helpers are even colorful hooks and patterned furniture pommels.

The own room is not only playground, but also study room, sleeping place and retreat for the young. The most important piece of furniture is the bed. In a bed with a cave character, it can be great to play or simply just dive comfortably or cuddle with teddy bears. And in the evening bedtime is really fun, because you are sure to dream something adventurous. Bunk bed in lacquered pine, 172 x 206 x 96 cm, approx. 660 €, Car

Extra tip: Include children in the design of their room. You could paint a wall with blackboard paint or select and stick on wall tattoos. This is how the kids create their own world and can live out their creative ideas .

Living with a child - safety in the rooms

Not only the nursery, but the whole apartment is a great adventure playground. There is something new to discover everywhere - even at eye level! At the latest in cuddly age all sockets in the household should be equipped with a child protection. It reduces the risk of the little explorers putting their fingers or items in the sockets. Socket fuse "Patrull", 12 pieces approx. 4 €, Ikea

Children are usually in a hurry, distracted or turned up and cocky. So that the inevitable falls at least go smoothly, you should make the apartment as child-proof. Some security articles are as simple as they are effective. An edge protection made of foam, for example, takes away the horrors of corners. Edge protection "Zehui", Set of 4 about 3 €, Amazon

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