Recommended, 2022

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Napkins with poppy flowers

  • Character template for a poppy flower
  • Foam rubber sheet in DIN A4 (eg

      from efco; Craft store; about 1.20 Euro)
    • All-purpose glue (eg from UHU)
    • 1 wooden block (craft shop or hardware store)
    • blue cloth napkins
    • Fabric paint for dark fabrics in white (eg from Marabu; Bastelladen)
    • 3-D-Liner eg for fabric (eg from Marabu, craft shop)
    • pencil
    • fine, pointed scissors

    1. Draw the drawing template with pencil and then place the page with the pencil drawing down on the foam rubber sheet. Trace again so that the pencil line appears slightly on the plate.

    2. Cut out the individual parts and glue them to the flower block with the all-purpose glue. Let dry.

    3. Brush the stamp with white paint and stamp the poppy flower on the napkin at the desired place.

    4. Paint the flower center with the 3-D liner and fix according to the manufacturer's instructions.