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Dog food in the test: 15 varieties deficient

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Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest tested 30 dog food. The result: terrifying. Half of the wet food tested failed with the grade 'poor'.

For your own four-legged friends it may be something more - an expensive dog food, for example. But is expensive equally good? Stiftung Warentest has taken a close look at 30 wet foods. And came to a frightening result.

Of 30 products tested, half were rated 'poor'. The reason: too few nutrients. One of the tested dog foods contained too much cadmium - a heavy metal that can lead to poisoning at an increased dosage. The surprising: branded dog foods are more expensive, but not necessarily better than discount products.

The big Stiftung Warentest winner: the dog food of the grocery discounter Netto. With a price of 0.59 for 400 g, the cheap wet food (Pablo pate with game) points his competitors to the rear seats. Seven more wet foods were also able to convince the testers. Among them strikingly many products from the drugstore, various discount and supermarkets . Cheap does not have to be bad!

On the contrary: Three of the failed products are certified organic, two of them vegetarian. The big problem: Many tested products lack important vitamins, calcium and co.

Why is calcium so important? Calcium promotes the bone structure of the dog. If he suffers from a calcium deficiency, the skeleton also suffers. Particularly interesting: Because the calcium requirement of dogs is three times as high as that of humans, dogs take the mineral substance via the feed, the so-called complete feed . This dog food must give the four-legged friend everything he needs in terms of vitamins, calcium and co. needed. In most cases a fallacy.

You wish for your dog only the best? Then do not rely on the empty promises of expensive dog food. Ask the manufacturers and read information on the back. That's the only way to make yourself and your four-legged friends happy.

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