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Fruity berry cocktails

You need this:

  • Ingredients for 4-6 glasses:
  • 250 g of redcurrants
  • 100 ml Aperol (Italian bitter liqueur)
  • 250 ml cranberry fruit juice drink
  • 1 bottle (750 ml) Prosecco
  • possibly lemon balm for decoration


Wash currants, dab dry, set aside some panicles to decorate. Remaining berries from the panicles streak. Put in a jug. Pour aperol and cranberry juice into the jug. Fill up with Prosecco and serve immediately.

Decorate glasses with set panicles and possibly with lemon balm.

Preparation time: approx. 10 minutes

Per glass 750 kJ / 180 kcal. E 1 g / F 0 g / KH 11 g