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Get the jungle style of Sonja Zietlow now

Sonja Zietlow always has very eye-catching blouses
Photo: Getty Images

Colorful blouses are the trademark of Jungle Camp presenter Sonja Zietlow

Sonja Zietlow loves tunics and blouses. And you can tell that in the two weeks of the jungle camp. Because here Sonja Zietlow wears only blouses and tunics in light fabrics and colorful patterns. And her fans love Sonja's style!

"I'm a star - get me out of here!" Strict rules apply: Celebrities may only take a few clothes with them. A jacket, a shirt, something to sleep on: that's enough. The more extravagant Sonja Zietlow is. Her blouses and tunics shine even against the green jungle backdrop. At the same time, co-host Daniel Hartwig sometimes looks a bit dull in his check shirts.

She is a career woman, but her style is still playful and not strict at all. Colorful and shrill, as well as the jungle camp, Sonja Zietlow's tops look the same. And that pleases the fans as well. Sonja's style is even so unique that her wax figure, standing by Madame Tussauds, probably carries something? Of course, a colorful tunic.

Here you will find our most beautiful blouses and tunics in the Sonja Zietlow style